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Why I’ll never be without a Battery Charger again

Why Me?

Is there an ideal time for your car battery to die?  Perhaps during an oil change while surrounded by mechanics, but not when you’re in a car wash. Seven cars were waiting for their turn! I ran out to the first driver and told her what was happening then Googled the gas station that runs the car wash to get their phone number. A few minutes later two young men, much calmer than me, came running out to help me.  The had a portable battery charger, something I didn’t know existed, and started my car on the first try. I was able to drive home and even restart the car. But in the morning as I tried to drive to the dealer for a check up, the battery was dead.

Introvert’s Nightmare

My least favorite part of driving is needing a tow. Of course no one looks forward to it, but for an introvert it means riding in the cab or a truck that requires a step ladder to clamber inside but also riding with a complete stranger. One driver passed the time by telling TMI about his girlfriend. The most recent driver got political, the opposite of my views, in the last five minutes of the ride. I bit my tongue, after all I wanted a ride all the way to the dealer. Now today’s driver arrived, hopped out of the truck and eyed up my car. He was covered in tattoos and piercings as heavy metal throbbed from the radio. On the drive over he talked about his rescue pit bull, the friends and family he let move into his house when they were down on their luck and paying for his girlfriend’s education. Of course he was a total sweet heart and the ride sailed by.

Happy Ending

An hour at the Subaru dealer later, a new battery, and my car was happy again. Still makes me nervous going into the car wash but now that I have my own portable charger I know I’ll get out quickly too, even if the worst happens again.